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Sad times

Maidan 2018

What happened Thursday this week impacts us immensely. My wife is Ukrainian and we have friends and family in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian people has chosen their own path for 30 years and will fight fiercely to defend their right to do so also in the future. The war that Putin started in 2014 and now turned in to a full scale assault against Russia’s “little brother” is a grave violation of the principles of the UN that was formulated in the aftermath of the Second World War and that has kept the world fairly safe from bullies and the rules of the jungle since Hitler’s attack on Poland.

I can try to understand why. I can try to explain to my children why this is happening. I can follow the news, I can stay in contact with friends and family throughout their suffering. I can open my home for them if they decide for a future outside of Ukraine.

These are days of tears and grief and I see little hope for things turning better for a long, long time.

The Ukrainian people are strong. They know what they are fighting for. They will not go silently into the night.

Sweden should join NATO yesterday. Europe must double down towards a future without fossil fuels. And someone should give back Mr P his pacifier, he dropped it the other day.

My thoughts go out to my Ukrainian friends and relatives. Stay safe. I hope that I again one day can visit you in a free and prosperous Ukraine.

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