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While waiting for the test prints of my story games Death of Rapacus, Mars to Stay and Montsegur 1244 to arrive, I set up a web shop for the PDFs. It turned to be easy to do, using WooCommerce which is available on WooCommerce has all the feature I need: Products for download as well as physical products, shipping, tax, integration with payment providers like Stripe and PayPal. So: Come in, we are open!

There are two products on the shelves at the moment. The good thing about PDFs is that you never run out of copies to sell. Print editions will be available when I have evaluated the test prints and fixed any issues with the layout.

The games offered so far by Thoughtful Games are:

Montsegur 1244


Montsegur 1244 is a gripping story about devout heretic Christians who in 1244 decided to burn for their beliefs rather than give up their faith. You and your friends tell a story about 12 of these named heretics. For your specific incarnation of this character, at this specific place and time, the story you create will be a fulfilling and compelling answer to why it was (or wasn’t) a meaningful choice for that person to burn for their belief.

Created for Fastaval 2008, the 2023 revised edition eliminates the story cards and scene cards and makes the game better for online play.

Mars to Stay

Mars to Stay is a dramatic story about the first colonists on Mars who face existential dilemma and most decide how badly they really want to stay on Mars. The first version of the game premiered at Fastaval 2017. It evolved in 2021 to a collaborative story game with a strong storyline that pushes the characters to show who they really are.

Death of Rapacus

Death of Rapacus is a super fun satire about wizards battling out for dominance with a good deal of collateral damage to the countryside. It only needed a few edits to get over the finish line. And illustrations. Claudia Cangini is worth waiting for, so have a bit more patience with this one.

I had fun playtesting it back in 2016, including at Grand Tribunal in Cheltenham.

Buy (more) games!

If you want to buy my games, here is a limited time offer:


Buy both Mars to Stay and Montsegur 1244 as PDF before March 14 for EUR 20.00 using the code OPENINGWEEK.

Setting up coupons was super easy.

Review and recommend games!

If you played my games and liked them, please tell all your friends about them. Also, add a comment or a review, either in the web shop here on ThoughtfulDane, or at Lulu, DriveThruRPG, or Indie Press Revolution.

I also greatly appreciate feedback (specific or general) about the web shop. Any information missing? Any questions not answered? Let me know and let’s get it fixed right away. Come on in!

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