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One of the many projects I took pleasure in this spring was to photograph locations in my local area and upload on Google Maps. Spring is a great season for taking marketing pictures and I had time at hand to seek out the locations at the optimal time of day. I wanted to show that Botkyrka has a rich history with many recreational locations and facilities.

Here is a sample out of my Botkyrka collection.

Fittja Ängpark. The park area next to the tall rise buildings of Fittja has been landscaped to accommodate increased downpour events. As a side effect, residents get a beautiful park and picnic area. Copyright Frederik Jensen, 2023.
Slagsta Petroglyphs. A rock surface next to the highway reveals petroglyphs from human activity thousands of years ago when this place was a small island overlooking open water. Copyright Frederik Jensen, 2023.
Church of Saint Botvid, 13th century. Botkyrka was an early adopter of Christianity in the area around Lake Mälaren. The stone church of Botkyrka's patron saint is visible from the freeway. Copyright Frederik Jensen, 2023.
Swimming facilities at Lida. Lida is a recreational area in a large nature reserve with trails and facilities for sporting events. Copyright Frederik Jensen, 2023.
Ferry between Slagsta and Ekerö. The small ferries connect areas north and south of Lake Mälaren with a 10 minute ride that would otherwise take more than an hour. Copyright Frederik Jensen, 2022.
Hamra Gård. The dairy farm next to Tumba is run by DeLaval and is where they test milking robots (voluntary milking systems). A pleasant side effect is that cows populate the many small pastures along the roads from late spring. Copyright Frederik Jensen, 2023.
Hågelbyparken. The mansion built by L. M. Ericsson after he sold his stake in the business that still bears his name. Now owned and operated by the municipality it hosts a range of social and cultural events all year around. Copyright Frederik Jensen, 2023.
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