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Getting back into things

First week at my new job completed, head filled up with new impressions. What better way to relax for an hour or two before sleeping than by painting minis? Zoning in on just the task ahead of you with well known tools and techniques? These last few weeks I've enjoyed getting back into the hobby after having stashed away the paint brushes for more than 25 years.

I've been going through my board game collection for minis to paint as well as picking up minis and paint second hand. Space Hulk, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Rurik: Dawn of Kiev.

The six minis from Betrayal at the House on Hill 3rd edition. A nice break from space and fantasy to paint minis with less flamboyant styles.
Rurik: Dawn of Kiev comes with eight highly detailed miniatures for the leaders. I enjoyed coming up with colours that helped them stand out as distinct while still somewhat selecting colours that could reasonably be around 1000 years ago.
Necron Immortal. Space skeletons, what's not to like? Necrons were not around back in the days when I played Warhammer 40k and Necromunda, but skeletons are great to paint so I picked up some second hand. I found the official Necron palette somewhat boring so I had fun coming up with one of my own.

Yesterday, I played good old Space Hulk with my son, for the first time with a full set of painted minis. A nice two player game with dice rolling and some skill to optimise the odds.

I liked the dark green, orange and gold colour scheme that I developed for the Necrons so I decided to paint the first squad of Space Hulk terminators as Salamanders.
I painted the second Space Hulk terminator squad as Ultramarines in a traditional paint scheme.

The first week at the new job went well, I have a good feeling so far. Lots of details still to be sorted out of course. My instinct about going for a smaller company and working directly for those who pay the bills (not as a consultant) seems to pay off so far. The organisation is very aligned on its purpose and I don't pick up a lot of different agendas. Chatting with the coach about board games and rpgs is a nice bonus of course!

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