Fredecon 2023

Welcome to Fredecon 2023! Three days of games and fun in the Swedish countryside!

Friday November 3rd to Sunday November 5th 2023

Mjölbyvägen 47, 573 43 Tranås, Sweden

The cozy room with a fireplace is great for storytelling.


August 2023. Sign up opens.

6 October 2023. Last chance to sign up/pay deposit.

28 October 2023. Last chance to offer to run a scheduled event.

3-5 November 2023. Fredecon 2023.

How to sign up

If you know me/have played with me before and want to join me for three days of fun, send me an email or sign up using the form below. I will contact you by email with further information.

Max 12 participants (number of beds in the house).

How much does it cost

Deposit SEK 1200:- no later than October 6th 2023. Payment options provided in the sign up confirmation. Covers rent of house, electricity, food, and soft drinks. Separate accounts for hard drinks.

View over the lake. Take a dip and warm up in the sauna afterwards.

How to get there

  1. Tranås is three hours by car from Copenhagen and from Stockholm. We will organise car pooling.
  2. Train to Tranås. It's a 4 km walk or you can call and we will pick you up.

What to bring

Bed linen, towel, games.


We will schedule a list of board games and story games for people to sign up on the day. There is room to run two board games and one story game at the same time. Rich opportunity for pick up games and socialising as well. There is an outdoor jacuzzi, a sauna, a lake, and a nearby forest.

You are very welcome to offer to host/run a game/event.

Cooking and cleaning are shared duties.

Low tech scheduling. Antlers oversee that everything happens orderly and fair.


Table ITable IIPejsestuen
Friday evening 19-24Mars to Stay
Saturday morning 10-13
Saturday afternoon 13-18
Saturday evening 19-24Rollespilsweekend i Tranås
Sunday morning 10-13
Sunday afternoon 13-18Dulce et Decorum
Sunday evening 19-24Rurik: Dawn of Kyiv

Roleplaying games

These will take place in pejsestuen.

Dulce et Decorum

Host: Frederik Jensen. 4 players. 4 1/2 hours.

It is sweet and fitting to die for your country.

A WWI tragedy by Troels Ken Pedersen.

Read more on Alexandria.

Mars to Stay

Host: Frederik Jensen. 4-6 players. 4-5 hours.

Would you give up Earth for good?

Read more on Thoughtful Games.

Rollespilsweekend i Tranås (Danish)

Host: Frederik Jensen. 4-6 players. 4-6 hours.

Can a group of gamers from Copenhagen save the world and hand in their school assignment time?

Read more.

Board games

These will take place in the common area. There is table space for two games to run at the same time.

Rurik: Dawn of Kyiv

Host: Frederik Jensen. 4 players.

Read more on Boardgamegeek.

Contact details

Frederik Jensen

+46 73 502 78 80

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