This is a list of games offered at Fredecon 2023. Use this form to offer to host a game. There will be plenty of pickup games as well.

Dulce et Decorum

Host: Frederik Jensen. 4 players. 4-5 hours. Pejsestuen.

It is sweet and fitting to die for your country.

A WWI tragedy by Troels Ken Pedersen.

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Rollespilsweekend i Tranås (Danish)

Host: Frederik Jensen. 4-6 players. 4-6 hours. Pejsestuen.

Can a group of gamers from Copenhagen save the world and hand in their school assignment time?

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Rurik: Dawn of Kyiv

Host: Frederik Jensen. 4 players. 3 hours. Common area.

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Game collection

Games that will be available at Fredecon 2023 to help with packing.


  • Avalon
  • Citadels
  • Death of Rapacus
  • Great Western Trail
  • Eclipse: 2nd Dawn
  • Mars to Stay
  • Robo Rally (2016 edition)
  • Root; A Game of Woodland Right and Might
  • Rurik: Dawn of Kyiv
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Space Hulk
  • Terraforming Mars


  • Let me know if you plan to bring any games and I will add you to the list.