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I enjoy photography. The pictures I use on my blog are almost exclusively my own. On this page I have collected a portfolio of my favourites.

Taking great pictures

I like the process of composing a shot. I do a bit of editing afterwards but most of the magic happens when I search out the motive and move around to find the optimal angle and wait for the sun to come out or the objects to move to where I want them. When I'm composing I'm very much living in the moment: I'm in the "zone" or the flow state where I'm 100% focused on the here and now.

Sometimes I know when I press the shutter that this will be a great picture, sometimes it takes a little editing and a little time to grow. Sometimes what I think will be a great shot actually isn't. But most fascinating is that while there are guidelines to follow for how to compose (foreground, mid-ground, background; the magic 1/3 cuts), they are only guidelines, not laws: What matters in the end is the final picture: While it can be hard to explain exactly why a picture is good, most people will look at a picture and agree that this is a great picture.


Stockholm cityscape. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2022.
Mist over Lake Aspen, Botkyrka. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2020.
Reflections in Lake Aspen, Botkyrka. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2021.
Landscape, Öland, Sweden. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2021.
That rusty old bike. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2022.
Oslo Opera. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2022.
Autumn morning. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2022.
Acropolis, Greece, Copyright Frederik Jensen 2023.
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