The joys of lockdown: Trees

We have been hugging a lot of trees lately. 

Respecting the local COVID restrictions we have turned to hiking in the forest every weekend for exercise, fresh air and — weather permitting — a bit of sunshine. As the days get shorter and as both my wife and I work from home, we need to get out. Our youngest on the other hand has to endure: she is outdoor in the kindergarten most of the day and only goes inside for meals and short sessions in smaller groups. 

A hollow tree in the autumn haze at Aspen Lake. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2020.

When we moved to Stockholm three years ago our financial realities gave us a choice between moving to a small flat near the center with a short commute or to a larger house with a one hour commute. These days when we both work from home, we enjoy that we chose the latter. 

Clouds reflecting in the quiet waters of Bornsjön (Born Lake). Copyright Frederik Jensen 2020.

Forests and lakes are abundant around here even 20 km from the centre of a city of more than one million. Freeways and railways cut through rough terrain, and just a short walk away you can get lost in the wilderness. The landscape is the work of the retracting ice leaving steep hillsides with rough boulders to be slowly conquered by pine trees and oaks. 

Wilderness near Alby Lake. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2020.

You discover the traces of several thousand years of human activity have left on the landscape. A rune stone mourning the death of a loved one near not far from a memorial spray painted on a concrete wall mourning the death of a loved one. A goodbye-dear-homeland carved into a rock wall from an America emigrant in 1872 not far from the concrete tower blocks welcoming in immigrants since the sixties. A Stone Age petroglyph next to a mosque. Contrasts that make you think. 

Rune stone with cross and a snake at Bergaholm near Bornsjön (Born Lake). The inscription reads "Östen let raise stone after Torgård his sister, Hallbjörn his mother". Copyright Frederik Jensen 2020.
A memorial for Roine Larsson, a lead from local band Gypsy Kings, in line of sight from the Fittja tower blocks where his mother lived. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2020.

The local municipalities provide good facilities. Apps and websites show were to go. Parking lots and information boards are easy to find. Paths are marked with coloured dots, wet patches are enhanced by wooden footbridges, and picnic tables and shelters are frequent. 

So far we have visited four different lakes in four weekends, all within a 15 minutes drive. Enjoy pictures from our trips.