I have played and designed board games and tabletop roleplaying games since the 1980ies. My favorite games emphasises personal drama and are set in a historical setting. I believe in games as a great way of understanding about how other people perceive the world. I'm always amazed when people around me show me that the world is not as plain and simple as I have made myself believe. Posts about games and game design.

Items left on a desk after a story game session played online. Pen, paper, dice, and a rulebook. Laptop and headset.

Thoughtful Games

I founded Thoughtful Games to publish the story game Montsegur 1244.


List of games I have created and shared with a wider audience. For my definition of story game, see What is a story game. See also my entry at Alexandria.

Gaming Weekend in Tranås, Sweden (Danish: Rollespilsweekend i Tranås)

Tabletop roleplaying game. Created for Fredecon 2023 and Viking Con 42. Download from Rollespilsweekend I Tranås (Available in Danish).


Story game about returning to life after decades behind bars in President Obama's USA. Created for and played at Fastaval 2023. Download from Clemency (Available in Danish, English).

Mars Crisis

Online text based adventure game. Created using Twine in 2021. Download and play here: Mars Crisis.

Mars to Stay

Story game about giving up Earth for good. Created for Fastaval 2016. Later revised and published in 2021 (EPUB) and 2023 (PDF and print). Available for purchase at Mars to Stay.

Death of Rapacus

Story game. Played at Viking Con 35 and Grand Tribunal 2016. Published in 2023. Available for purchase at Death of Rapacus.

The Tournament

Story game version of the Danish scenario Joust. Played at Viking Con 34 2015.

1244: The Fall of Montsegur

Boardgame. Created for and played at Fastaval 2013.

Plus 3.0 (Danish)

Story game about the Climate Crisis. Created for and played at Con2 2013.

Returning home

Story game about returning home to the place you grew up after many years. Part of the The Empire anthology at Fastaval 2009.

Montsegur 1244

Story game about burning for your beliefs. Created for and premiered at Fastaval 2008, since published in many languages. Available for purchase at Montsegur 1244. See also The story of Montsegur 1244.

Prey of the Flames (Danish: Flammernes bytte)

A scenario for Call of Cthulhu published in the Danish RPG zine Fønix 1998.

One Wedding and Four Funerals (Danish: Et bryllup og nogle begravelser)

Tabletop roleplaying game. Tongue-in-cheek Medieval Fantasy Murder Mystery/Court Drama. Created for and played at Fastaval 1998.

The Mystery on the Moon (Danish: Mysteriet på Månen)

Tabletop roleplaying game. A whodunnit on the Moon. Played at Spiltræf XI and Pentacon 1996.

Captain Goldberg's Treasure (Danish: Jagten på Kaptajn Guldbergs Gulddukater)

Tabletop roleplaying game. A tongue-in-cheek Dungeons and Dragons pirate treasure hunt. Played at Spiltræf 1992. Let's just say that practice makes perfect.