Catalyst for change

Every change begins with someone taking the first step. Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat. Greta Thurnberg showing up at the parliament, not school. Mathias Rust landing a plane on the Red Square.

They become the catalyst for change, a symbol and an inspiration for thousands to follow.

Russians have been brainwashed for generations into believing that the actions of individuals do not matter. What can I do?

Truth is that change happens because of someone taking the first step.

Channel in Saint Petersburg on a late summer evening. Copyright Frederik Jensen.

When the moment is right, everything can change. Lead and others will follow. No one told Greta, Rosa, or Matthias that they should do what they did. Authorities do not appoint change agents. Change agents ignore authorities and do what they believe is right. They show civil courage, step up and do what others want to do but dare not to. They are not granted permission.

For a long time, the price of not caring for Russias atrocities in Ukraine has been negligible for the common Russian. They could hide under the lie that individuals cannot change the future. With the partial mobilisation, this has changed.

The easy way out is to board a plane, car or bike and head for the nearest border. Not all Ukrainians have had this option. Neither should Russian males between 18-64 have this option. Not caring about Putin’s war of choice should have a price. It’s time for Russians to show civil courage. It’s time for one Russian to do what is right and become the catalyst for change. To show that a better future is possible. Also if you happen to live in the Russian Federation.