Xmas market for Ukraine, December 11th 2022

We have decided to host a Christmas Market to support Ukraine next weekend, Sunday December 11th 2022. The concept is this: Donate to a charity supporting Ukraine and we will serve you a warm drink and a snack. I hope we can create an opportunity for the local community to socialise and at the same time send prayers and money to help the people of Ukraine.

I've also printed and framed pictures I've taken locally the last few years. I'm selling these with a cut being passed on to a charity for Ukraine. Today as I was preparing the front yard for next weekend, a neighbour came by and donated artwork by Torkel Dahlstadt and reproductions of classic Spanish artist Velasquez.

Charities we have chosen to support include:

Swedish Rescuers

Swedish Rescuers is a team of rescuers from around Sweden: paramedics, police, firemen. They crowdfund fire engines and ambulances and drive them to hand over to the people who will use them in the war zone. As Russia often targets fire stations and hospitals and often bomb the same target with a 15-60 minute delay to target first responders, emergency vehicles are in short demand.

Ukrainian Volunteer Hub

Ukrainian Volunteer Hub coordinates the efforts of Ukrainian volunteer organisations in Stockholm and collects and delivers food, clothes and medicine directly to Ukraine.


OperationAid delivers humanitarian aid and medical equipment to Ukraine to the places where it is needed most.

Stand For Ukraine

For more options, Stand For Ukraine provides a curated list of reliable organisations that helps to fight the Russian invasion and overcome its consequences.

UPDATE: It happened!

So we did it! One Sunday in December we transformed our front yard into a market in support for Ukraine. Neighbours and friends of our kids came, donated to one of our chosen charities, and went away with a Xmas decoration, hot wine, and Ukrainian cake.

While we would have loved for the crowds and sum collected to have been larger, it was great to see people rally around the project with many aspects organising themselves organically as we announced the time and place for the event.

PS: If anyone is in dire need of Xmas decorations, hot wine or Ukrainian cake, let us know. We have extra.