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Clemency at Fastaval 2023

Sign up for Fastaval 2023 is open and my game Clemency is on the programme. 

Fastaval is a game convention in Denmark with a long tradition of presenting innovative roleplaying and board gaming experiences. It’s five days of fun telling stories and playing games in an inclusive crowd in a public school somewhere in Denmark. 

You won’t find Dungeons and Dragons here. Instead each year the convention presents games designed especially to premiere at the convention with a strong community around designing and writing games leading up to the event. From improvisational theatre like chamber lives, in-crowd live action roleplaying games, and fireside storytelling games to tactical dice rolling, number crunching and puzzle games. Each play experience is unique and performed in small groups where players are both the creators and consumers of the stories. 

I was part of the team organising Fastaval in 2009-2011 and attended Fastaval every year 1992-2017 with a few exceptions. 

This year Fastaval happens on 5-10th April 2023 at Mariagerfjord Gymnasium, Amerikavej 5, 9500 Hobro, Denmark.


I was lucky to get my pitch for a game accepted back in September. I’m happy to announce that I completed the game and sign up is open. 

Clemency is a story game about commuted felons in Obama’s USA. Inspired by interviews by Washington Post, the players take turn telling the stories of convicted felons as they return to a life in freedom after decades behind bars. 

Compared to my previous games, Clemency is short and simple. Clemency delivers an emotional punch as you internalise the characters. The game is about privilege. How people’s lives were changed immensely by a system set up on a promise to deliver a simple solution to a complex problem. But it is also about appreciation of life and the game ends on a promise of hope.

I’m happy with how the game turned out and the play test in October delivered a strong experience. 

clemency: [noun] disposition to be merciful and especially to moderate the severity of punishment due.

Clemency is available in English and Danish. To play the game, you need 3 or 4 people for one and a half hours in a quiet space. It will be available for download from Alexandria after the convention and is free for personal use.

Sign up is open until February 20th. You can show up at the door and browse around but seats for games are allocated prior to the event so you will be chancing at getting into a game on a cancellation or no show.

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