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Frederik Jensen: Game Designer

Today is the first day in the rest of your life. Today I am a full time game designer.

I quit my daytime job. It was not working out.

Now I need to recharge. Play with my kids. Travel. Get some unfinished projects across the finish line. I can't wait.

Actually, I already started. I ordered the first test print of a game this weekend. Expect to hear more about this in due time.

Sunset in Stockholm at winter. Copyright Frederik Jensen, 2022.


In a few weeks, I am going to meet up with a friend in Greece. Taking a detour to see Acropolis. For some reason, I have never been to Greece and it is time to remedy this. I'm travelling alone, leaving kids and wife back in Sweden. I'm fortunate to have a very understanding wife.

Maybe this will even lead to a game. One of the unfinished game projects I have in the drawer is a game about Hellas 300 BC.

I will arrive in Athens on March 14th. Flying out from Thessaloniki on March 23rd, I will have to make my way there, I have an idea to stop at Meteora. Besides having a good time, plans are flexible. Let me know in the comments if you have ideas for cool things to see and do.

Fastaval 2023

Then there is Fastaval in Denmark at Easter. Fastaval is an incredible game convention in Hobro, Denmark, where 600 gamers meet up to party and to play board games and roleplaying games. Most of them bring their own game designs. I will be at Fastaval Friday to Sunday, 7-10 April. This year I will bring my son, he is old enough to attend Fastaval Junior, an afternoon packed with activities for kids aged 6 to 14.

I will present and play my story game Clemency, a non commercial project.

I have not been at Fastaval since 2018. It would be cool if you come by and say hello!

Back into the mines

I guess at some point I will need to find a new job to pay the bills. Until then, I will enjoy life.

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