So it happened that I found myself in Athens, Greece in March. First place to explore being Acropolis, the 'high city' with a history of more than 2500 years. Finally getting some use of learning the difference between doric and ionic columns in third year gymnasium, I made it to the top on a beautiful sunny morning. Excellent time of day and year for photographing.

Picture of the day. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2023.
Acropolis seen from Areopagus Hill in the morning. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2023.
Acropolis by night. Seen from Areopagus Hill. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2023.
The temple of Athena Nike, the victorious, catches the morning sun on its ionic columns. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2023.

The Parthenon

A living place is never at rest, and as a symbol of culture, science and democracy, Acropolis is still a place of change. Restauration of the Parthenon is ongoing, a task worthy of Sisyphus when you learn of the many threats to it's existence. The colossal temple built to worship Athena (and to guard the spoils of war and trade), was attacked by devout Christians (who changed it into a cathedral), Ottoman turks (who changed it into a mosque and a gunpowder storage), and Swedish mercenaries (who blew it up by igniting the gunpowder on behalf of the Venetians).

Only the Romans seems to have left it mostly untouched. Then there is the story of Lord Elgin who rescued/acquired/stole the frieze to London in 1816, claiming that the turks who controlled Athens at the time said it was ok. It is still a topic of dispute, perhaps one more excuse for Brexit?

"Have you paid your taxes citizen?" The Parthenon rises prominently when you approach the top of the hill. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2023.
The entry to the temple faces east and catches the morning sun. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2023.
The curvature of the columns and of the base are clearly visible against the temporary stockade. The curvatures compensate exactly for the optical effects of a large scale construction. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2023.
Even the pandemic has left its mark on Acropolis. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2023.
Last minute edits in a book in the reading room in the Acropolis Museum. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2023.
Early bird gets the worm. The weather changed to rain over the day. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2023.

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