Forest and lakes

I didn’t know a lot about Stockholm when we moved up here from Malmö in 2017. As the housing market in Stockholm is messed up, we ended in Alby, Botkyrka, at the end of the red line. Botkyrka is most famous for the high rise buildings from the late 1960ies and as the number one immigration hub of Sweden. My kids’ friends have parents that moved to Sweden from places like Sri Lanka, Marocco, and Poland. Which is cool. Some extra attention involved when preparing food for kids from other cultures. Have fewer assumptions about how things are and communicate expectations explicit. Kids change language seamlessly and don’t find it strange that languages spoken and food eaten are different when they visit their friends.

So we ended up in a big-enough house a short walk from the commuter line. In the other direction, we have forest and lakes. These days where I am job hunting, I go for a morning walk after dropping the kids off to school. Nothing clears the mind and soul like a walk in a scenic spot. While I often thread well known paths, I also enjoy exploring new areas.

There are many such areas within a short drive from where we live. I use the app Naturkartan (which also comes as a website) to find places with marked trails and places to park. Today I found a trail near Bornsjön and spent a couple of hours exploring and shooting the pictures shared here. Spring is finally here!

A 200 year old tree on a 2000 year old burial mound. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2023.
A harbinger of spring. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2023.
Traditionally built wooden cottages can be as old as 800 years. Painted red of course, a tradition with roots back to the early industrialisation in Sweden using surplus material from iron ore extraction. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2023.
A friendly reminder that you may have to share the path with others. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2023.
A calm and quiet place to appreciate living in the moment. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2023.