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Viking Con 42

I will be at Viking Con 42 and I will be offering a game. If you are there, come by and say hello. Check out my game and sign up as player or game master.

Viking Con is a game convention in Copenhagen, traditionally happening the first weekend of the school Autumn leave. Also so this year: October 13-15th. Registration opens early September. You can show up at the door with a reasonable expectation of joining a game — thanks to the many volunteers who organise the event and who create and run games.

It’s been a long time since my last visit at Viking Con: Relocating to Stockholm makes the logistics of attending much harder. But this year I will be back and I hope to meet old and new friends.

These dice are made for rolling.

A gaming weekend in the Swedish countryside

One hobby project I took pleasure in during my hiatus was to create a game/scenario out of an idea I got after last year’s Fredecon.

A group of role players from Copenhagen travels to a cottage in rural Sweden for a weekend of games. While they much prefer escape into playing games, the remote location just happens to be the centre of events that will change the future of the planet.

What better place for an undisturbed weekend of gaming than a cottage in the Swedish country side?

Besides creating a fun game with lots of in jokes about how Danes and Swedes interact and callbacks to my gaming group of times past, I wanted to create an investigation game where playing your character also forwards solving the mystery. I wanted to go back to the style of play from when I played the Danish Investigation Noir game Fusion with friends from university and work. While the mystery dealt with serious matter, much entertainment came from our less than perfect detectives taking on challenges far over their competence level. 

Here is what I came up with: Each character has a personal goal for the weekend. They will never succeed. They will also never give up the hope that it might happen. When a player attempts for their character to complete their goal, you roll for why/how it fails. The player is then rewarded with a clue that they give to another player. Hence, you pass on the spotlight after creating a little fun character moment.

Game masters wanted!

Please step forward if you would like to run my game at Viking Con. It’s easy and fun to run! You are welcome to browse the text first, but don’t do that if you would rather play the game. The text contains spoilers! Due to the nature of the game, I wrote the text in Danish so best if you can read Danish. 

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