Photography: Best of Summer 2023

August is coming to an end and so is summer. I found many opportunities to compose and create pictures. In this post I present my personal favourites and put a few words into the process behind.


On a rainy day in our summer house in Denmark, we pulled out a couple of puzzles. I realised that you get to study a picture in great detail during the assembly process and thought it could be fun to make a puzzle with one of my own photos.

I tested PuzzleYou with one of my shots from our visit to Gotland early June and was pleased with the result.

So it became a challenge to spot a motive that also would make for a great puzzle. The shot from Södermalm worked like a charm. The mooring not only creates an interesting composition but is also a great help when laying the puzzle. The view of Flottsbro will probably be somewhat harder as a puzzle, I haven't ordered yet.

Saint Mary's Church in Visby, Gotland. We were blessed with fantastic weather in early June with every tree lush green. A high walkway right next to the church gives you a splendid view of the church with the sea in the background. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2023.
We had visitors from Denmark during the Summer. One of the stops was Mohjang Studios on Södermalm which is a nice walk along the waterfront with a great view of the north side of Stockholm. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2023.
Flottsbro. A ski resort in the winter, it also offers a nice beach within walking distance. I hiked through the rough terrain on the west side of the lake and found a great spot to capture a beautiful summer day in Sweden. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2023.


While the camera by default shoots 4:3 format, I sometime edit and crop to other formats. In particular I like the square. I find that it works well for flowers and closeups. It can also help overcome an issue you get with the fisheye camera of smartphones: Straight lines are distorted especially close to the camera and near the edges. A technique I found that works is to be very careful to hold the phone straight, not centrering on the motive when shooting but crop a square composition after taking the shot. I used this technique with the three shots below.

Galgberget north of Visby, Gotland. The evening was cloudy but I knew from experience that the sun might come out under the clouds just around sunset so I was in position waiting. The square format worked well with the remnants of the gallows. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2023.
Barn door at Hågelbyparken, Botkyrka, Sweden. It's a sunny and warm midsummer day. The weathered wooden barn is full of texture. The sunlight coming in almost parallel to the wall for maximum of highlights and shadows. The pale red, green and brown makes for harmonic colours with the single lush green bush standing out nicely. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2023.
Wheelbarrows against a wall at Hågelbyparken, Botkyrka, Sweden. Mid day with short shadows. The sun just getting to a position where the texture on the wall starts popping out. The pink wheelbarrow really catches the eye. Copyright Frederik Jensen 2023.


I switched from iPhone X to iPhone 12 over the summer, maybe you see a difference?

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