See you at Viking Con 42

Next weekend (October 13-15) is the weekend of Viking Con in Copenhagen.

I’m going this year and I will bring the family. Swing by and say hi.

Saturday evening three groups will play my scenario, Gaming weekend in Tranås, Sweden. The game is an homage to the games I played with my friends back when we attended university. A group of friends from Copenhagen travel to the Swedish countryside for a weekend of roleplaying. What could possibly go wrong? It’s comedy and investigation with plenty of references to Swedish/Danish culture clash and how it is to move to a big city and create a new life studying. It was great fun to write, I’m looking forward to see how it plays.

It’s possible to show up and pay at the door and still get to participate in games.

Feed the dice god. Cthulhu Dice Tower from Feldherr. Painted by Frederik Jensen 2023.

A few weeks later, November 3-5, it’s time for Fredecon 2023. There are still open seats. If you would like to join me and a friendly group of gamers for a few days of board games and roleplaying in the Swedish countryside, get in touch. One of the games on the schedule will of course be Gaming weekend in Tranås, Sweden.

Blackstone Fortress, Chaos Beastmen. Painted by Frederik Jensen 2023.

My miniature painting project is progressing well. I discovered that there is a company who sells custom foam inserts for games and I ordered one for Blackstone Fortress. Speedy arrival and quality is good. Feels good to be able to pack up the game neatly without worrying about the painted minis shuffling around in the box. First world problems, I know. Speaking of which, I also ordered a dice tower and had great fun painting up Cthulhu. Never again accept dice on the floor!