Test prints have arrived!

While I was in Greece, the last of the three test prints of Montsegur 1244, Mars to Stay, and Death of Rapacus arrived. They all look great! I did find a few cosmetic things here and there to touch up. The main thing being that I need to adjust the colour profile used for the covers.

The paper quality is fine, the print quality is great, and the coil works great for having the book open at the table during play. It feels great to finally make the content and Claudia's illustrations justice with a physical product. Off for another test print before I can finally offer the paperback versions of Montsegur 1244 and Mars to Stay.

While GIMP is a great open source tool for graphical design for on screen, Adobe Photoshop is still king when it comes to design for print. (GIMP 3.0.0 expected later this year may change that!)

Montsegur 1244 test print: Front cover.
Montsegur 1244 test print: Inside spread.
Montsegur 1244 test print: Back.
Mars to Stay test print: Front cover.
Mars to Stay test print: Inside spread.
Mars to Stay test print: Back.