For sale

We have decided to sell our summer house in Denmark.

The summer house is located in Faxe Ladeplads, 90 km south of Copenhagen. I bought the summer house in 2002 after sitting in front of a computer all summer, looking out the window and noticing the sunshine. I didn’t have a car when I bought it, I went there by bike and public transportation. The house has been the source of many fun times with family and friends. Gaming sessions with friends. Vacations and holidays with the kids. The summer house is where I brought my then girlfriend now wife.

We put a new house on the lot in 2014 which was a fun project to do. We contracted with the construction company Liljehuset which specialised in recreational house and we have been very satisfied with the design, layout, and quality.

It’s now 6 years since we moved from Malmö to Stockholm and it looks like we will stay. Kids have school and friends, my wife and I have jobs. We kept the summer house when we moved and to balance the numbers and to not have it empty for most of the year, we rent it out through an agency. Renting out works well and we very much enjoy when we go there, usually three or four times a year. We use it as a base when visiting our relatives in Denmark.

I have an uncle who lives near by that looks after it. This is essential to the setup, some things can’t wait a couple months. Stuff breaks and needs to be replaced, the lawn needs to be moved.

However, driving there takes a day each way. The older generation is getting fewer. With the house passing the 10 year mark next year, larger maintenance work comes up. Having a summer house should be fun, a source of joy and restoring the mental batteries, not a chore. So summing up all things, we have come to the conclusion that now is the time to sell. Hand it over to someone who can enjoy it for the next many years.

The house will go up for sale by the end of the year. Due to the rental agreement with Novasol, the takeover date will be August 2024, unless the buyer wants to take over the rental agreement. The asking price is DKK 1 595 000. You can see the presentation of the house at Dansommer.

The house is 75 m2 with two bedrooms, one bathroom. It is on a corner parcel, very private. There is a sandy beach a short walk away, ideal both for swimming and fishing. It’s a one hour drive from Copenhagen.

If you are interested or know some who might be, get in touch.

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